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Risotto Gorgonzola

Risotto Gorgonzola with Prosecco

Where are all my blue cheese lovers at?? This Risotto Gorgonzola with Prosecco is the comfort food of my dreams. Made with bubbly Prosecco, shallots, garlic, butter and creamy gorgonzola, it’s creamy, rich and absolutely delicious. The perfect dish for a cold, cozy night in, which is pretty much every […]

Risotto al Limone

Risotto al Limone

…with Parmesan and Vermouth. What if I don’t have vermouth? Can I still make this? Of course you can my friend! Read on…. I made this Risotto al Limone with Vermouth instead of white wine and let me tell you why… it is currently dry January in my house. I […]