10 minute Chili Oil Ramen Noodles. A big bowl of chewy ramen noodles swimming in spicy, flavourful chili oil. Better - and faster - then takeout. Ready to make it?

Let’s get started!

What do you need to make this?

Ramen Noodles

Yeast Package

Oil, garlic, sugar


Vinegar, soy sauce


Sesame oil, chili flakes


Green onions

Flour Bag

Sesame seeds

Flour Bowl

Quick and Easy

This super yummy bowl of noodles takes no time at all to make, but is absolutely packed with flavour.

A Word on the Noodles

Any instant ramen noodles will work for this recipe, so pick your fave.

10 Minute  Chili Oil  Ramen Noodles