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Hi friend!

Welcome to my site.

I’m Joni and cooking is my passion. My obsession. My very favourite thing. I am almost always in the kitchen and if you don’t find me there I’m probably curled up somewhere under a big pile of cookbooks. I adore creating recipes and menus for entertaining and my brain is always buzzing with new recipe ideas (if only you could see the notes app on my phone).

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Back to me…

I grew up with a Mom who always cooked (she also published cookbook that sold over 250,000 copies!). We ate healthy, whole foods, almost always entirely from scratch. I mean, there were frozen burritos and Oreos on hand too, but they weren’t our regular eats.

I started baking when I was quite young and gradually moved on to cooking meals and creating my own dishes (I remember a salad with peaches and curry dressing that definitely needs a revisit… stay tuned!).

Now I’ve been cooking for years. I love to entertain. I adore everything about it (except setting the table)… the recipe researching, the menu planning, the grocery shopping, the cooking. Nothing makes me feel better.

I live in Calgary with my amazing husband and two incredible daughters and my greatest joy these days is cooking for my family and friends… and sharing it with all of you!

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