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Spicy Furikake Salmon Rice Bowl

Spicy Furikake Salmon Bowl

This is Seriously Next Level Bowl Food – And Who Doesn’t Love Bowl Food? Crispy baked salmon pieces covered in spicy mayo & Furikake seasoning piled into rice bowls and then fixed up with ALL the toppings is probably my idea of a perfect meal. If you’re into Nourish bowls […]

Creamy Udon Carbonara with Miso and Garlic

Creamy Udon Carbonara with Miso and Garlic

An almost one-pot meal that I could eat every day. This Creamy Udon Carbonara with Miso and Garlic is the fusion food of my dreams. Rich creamy sauce made of eggs, cheese & miso tossed with chewy udon noodles and topped with chili flakes, green onion and bacon! Oh, and […]

Dragon Chicken

Dragon Chicken with Sesame Rice

Not gonna lie. This was all about the name for me. I mean… Dragon Chicken? How cool does that sound? Dragons are cool guys. I almost ran out to buy a blonde wig to channel my inner Daenerys to make this. Almost. But I was too hungry. I live in […]

Halloumi Pasta

Halloumi Pasta

…with Brown Butter and Burst Tomatoes. This Halloumi Pasta is so easy that I felt a little silly even writing out the recipe. But I had to. I had to share it for two reasons… First, so that you would know about it because you MUST make this. Like right […]

Spicy Ramen Noodles

Spicy Ramen Noodles with Crispy Tofu

Ready in 15 minutes and ooooohhhhh so delish. These irresistible Spicy Ramen Noodles are just about the easiest thing to make ever and I can’t really think of anything as satisfying that I can cook in 15 minutes. Except maybe tortilla chips and fake cheese, but I can’t really call […]

Mixed Vegetable Curry

Mixed Vegetable Curry

In case you need a Monday night excuse to eat ridiculous amounts of naan bread, I bring you this. Personally, I actually never need an excuse to eat ridiculous amounts of naan bread, but in case you do, I got you. This Mixed Vegetable Curry is heaven. It’s creamy, rich, […]