Snack recipes that are either healthy and wholesome or shameless and indulgent. Decide which way you want to go and read on…

blueberry white chocolate muffins

Blueberry White Chocolate Muffins

Made entirely in one bowl. Crunchy sugar crust. A little almond if you’re into it. Absolute heaven. Blueberry White Chocolate Muffins. Here I go again walking that line between breakfast and dessert. Muffins or cupcakes? What’s the diff? Not much if you come to my house, but these guys are […]

Tortilla Pizza [Air Fryer]

Tortilla Pizza [Air Fryer]

BBQ Chicken Air Fryer Tortilla Pizza with Jalapeños & Honey! Making a Tortilla Pizza in the Air Fryer means you can have the most delicious crispy thin crust pizza ready to go in all its cheesy, crispy delicousness in under ten minutes. TEN minutes! You heard me. Obviously you don’t […]

Ricotta Chocolate Crumble Cake

Ricotta & Chocolate Crumble Cake

AKA the best little snack cake you’ll ever have. Ricotta Chocolate Crumble Cake. Because is a cake even a cake without some sort of topping? Whether that topping is whipped fluffy frosting, a super sweet drizzle, a rich dark ganache, a crunchy coarse sugar crust, or in this case, a […]

Chocolate Cherry Overnight Oats

Cherry Overnight Oats with Chocolate (Black Forest Oats)

Because dessert for breakfast is my fave. Cherry Overnight Oats with Chocolate (Black Forest Oats) are rich, chocolatey oats layered with juicy, sweet, almond scented cherries, dark chocolate and coconut cream. It’s everything we love about Black Forest Cake, but healthier. And for breakfast!! I can’t even tell you how […]

Cake for Breakfast

Baked Oats with No Banana

They taste just like birthday cake!! Ok friends, these blended Baked Oats with No Banana are for my banana dislikers. I have no beef with bananas and I can’t even lie I say I don’t have any as if there aren’t 47 bananas in my freezer at any given time […]

Salted Halva Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Salted Halva Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Or… the cookies that lasted about 24 hours in this house. These Chocolate Chunk Halva Cookies with Flaky Salt are… how should I say this… I don’t want to oversell them… they are… to. die. for. Perfectly chewy, crispy edges, decadent dark chocolate, rich & flavorful halva all topped off […]

Butter Mochi Muffins

Mochi Muffins [Butter Mochi Cupcakes]

If you haven’t tried mochi yet what are you even doing with your life? To call these Mochi Muffins “muffins” might be a wee bit of a stretch so I had to throw the word cupcake in there to cover all bases and make sure nobody was deceived into thinking […]