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Strawberry Tanghulu Recipe

Tanghulu Recipe (aka Candied Strawberries)

This Strawberry Tanghulu Recipe is so fun, so good, and so easy to make. Tanghulu Strawberries are crunchy candied strawberries… juicy, ripe strawberries are covered in a crunchy candy shell… and they are just magic. How could that not be good? A super crunchy candy shell over a delicious juicy […]

Sweet Kale Farro Salad with Feta & Bacon
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Sweet Kale Farro Salad with Feta & Bacon

This salad was born out of my deep hatred of washing lettuce and also my strong dislike of chopping up Kale.  Listen, just because I love to cook doesn’t mean I love everything about it. Dishes, for example. Who needs that??!! I also want things just how I want them. […]

Hot Chocolate Bombs
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Hot Chocolate Bombs

Who wants to know how to make their own Hot Chocolate Bombs??? You do! Yes you do. It’s easier than you think. I’m not going to lie and tell you that you can churn out dozens of these cute little guys in minutes friends. But I will tell you that […]

Mochi Waffles Recipe
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Mochi Waffles with Vanilla & Almond

These Mochi Waffles… hooooo boy are they yummy. You can probably tell that I love pretty much anything mochi, but these… I’m not sure I even have words to express how much I loved these. They are crispy, super chewy, sweet and SO GOOD! My kids didn’t even put syrup […]

Rose Latte
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Rose Latte

Is there anything that makes you feel fancier than rose tea?? This Rose Latte is a gateway drink. Why? Because do you know what parenting milestone nobody ever talks about??? When your children outgrow the kids’ drinks at Starbucks. We used to make going for coffee a cheap outing that […]