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Buffalo Chicken Thighs

with Chunky Avocado Blue Cheese Dressing Buffalo Chicken Thighs. So yum. I don’t know why it took me this long to come up with this one because we are a Buffalo loving household and I always have a jar of Buffalo sauce in the fridge. This is my new go-to […]

Garlic Butter Chicken Wings

Garlic Butter Chicken Wings

Oven or Air Fryer. Both easy. Both so good. That’s right. Garlic Butter Chicken Wings. I mean… these are just… let me just say that the first time I made these my daughter and I took one bite and then moved the tray over to the table, sat down and […]

Green Curry Fried Rice

Green Curry Fried Rice with Crispy Chicken

Making your own curry paste is not scary. Promise! This easy Green Curry Fried Rice with Crispy Chicken is about to Blow. Your. Mind. You’re not going to believe this, but you are about to make your own green curry paste. Yes you are. Yes you are!! Don’t get scared. […]

Slow Cooker Hunter's Chicken

Slow Cooker Hunter’s Chicken

…with Marsala & Brandy Slow Cooker Hunter’s Chicken. Slow cooked chicken in a rich sauce flavored with wine, brandy and fresh herbs. If you’re looking for comfort food, you’ve found it in this cozy, saucy dish. Made in the slow cooker so your hands are free to whip up some […]

Chicken Spinach Wrap

Chicken Spinach Wrap with Curry & Apple

When you need a quick lunch that tastes better than the leftovers on your kid’s plate. A Chicken Spinach Wrap that is about to become your new favourite lunch. It’s quick, easy, and sooooooo yummy. I am all about quick lunches, and sometimes that means throwing together a big bowl […]

Salt and Pepper Chicken

Salt and Pepper Chicken

Because I was craving S&P squid but I’m scared to cook squid. Seriously. Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds. This super crispy restaurant style Salt and Pepper Chicken Recipe is even better than takeout. Why? Because there’s no transit time for it to cool off and lose some of […]