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Spicy Spanish Cod and Shrimp
Dinner, Fish, Mains

Spicy Spanish Cod and Shrimp

This Spicy Spanish Cod and Shrimp recipe is for all my flavour seekers out there!! It’s a taste explosion, which I love, and surprisingly simple to make, which I also love. I should tell you that this dish has been a long time coming. Why? Well friends, first I have […]

Cheesy Chili Eggs - with Spicy Chili Crisp Recipe

Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Bars

My mind: Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake bars are a jillion times easier to make than an actual Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake. Reality: probably roughly exactly the same. Maybe I should actually bake a cheesecake and then I’ll know. But I think nah. Because these bars? They’re awesome! Beyond delicious and so easy […]