Rose Latte

Rose Latte

Is there anything that makes you feel fancier than rose tea??

This Rose Latte is a gateway drink. Why? Because do you know what parenting milestone nobody ever talks about??? When your children outgrow the kids’ drinks at Starbucks. We used to make going for coffee a cheap outing that would entertain the kidlets for a little while and fill them with raspberry steamed milk piled high with creamy whipped cream for like a buck. And now? Now a quick coffee run costs roughly the same as a moderate mortgage payment.

I mean, we still go… just not daily like maybe we did before please don’t tell my husband we did that.

This is a darn good copy of the Blossoming Rose Latte that my girls love. Dare I say that it’s maaaaaybe even better??? (I still love you Starbucks!)

Rose Latte

How to make a Rose Latte…

I know you probably think you have to run out to the neighbor’s garden with a pair of sheers, steal some roses and make your own rose simple syrup to make this latte. Or maybe you have to source out dried rose petals from who knows where (hint: I know. I have some. I will lend you some if you need them). Truth is you don’t need to do either of those. All you need to do is buy a little bottle of rosewater, and lucky you, it’s available in most grocery stores for a couple of dollars. It will also last you at least 23 years because a little goes a very long way.

You’re going to start by brewing a strong cup of rooibos tea. You can use black tea, herbal tea or green tea instead, but I have tried them all and prefer the taste of the rooibos with the rose.

To the tea you’ll add in some rosewater, vanilla and honey (maple syrup works well too.

Steam your milk of choice and froth it if you like (I do like it frothed so a milk frother comes in handy here). Pour in the tea mixture and drink. Carefully… it’s hot.

You can make this drink hot or iced. For the iced version I suggest you complete the entire recipe and then just pour it over ice.

Rose Latte

Anything special you need to know about this Rose Latte?

*You can use any type of milk you like. I usually use dairy, but second choice would be coconut. Use light, drinkable coconut milk though, the full fat canned stuff would be too thick. Oat milk is also good.

*Rosewater is strong. I use a teaspoon here and I recommend you start with that and adjust to your taste. You want a lovely, subtle floral taste. You don’t want to feel like you’re drinking your grandma’s powder room soap.

*I did a little research and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Rosewater apparently has some pretty great health benefits too. Who knew? I loved this little article.

Rose Latte

Rose Latte

If you like Starbucks’ Blossoming Rose Latte you’ll love this. Rich, creamy and made with rooibos tea & honey.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 1


  • 3/4 cup milk of choice
  • 1/2 cup brewed rooibos tea
  • 1 tsp Rosewater
  • 2 tsp honey
  • Splash of vanilla extract


  • Brew a strong 1/2 cup of Rooibos tea
  • While it steeps add in the rosewater, honey and vanilla.
  • Steam and froth your milk. Pour over the tea and serve.


*You can use any tea, but we like Rooibos best
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